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Welcome to the Programming Wiki!


With over 75 different programming languages to learn about this is a programmers dream! As a fellow programmer of Java, batch, C++/C, XML, HTML, etc. I know you want a website that shows you stuff about programming languages.

Languages (All): C (C++ - C#) - D - Pascal - Java - Perl - Haskell - Ruby - Batch - XML - Objective-C - Seed7 - Go - Assembly - VBscript - Visiual Basic - G - Delphi - Lava - Swift - Rust - Logo - Lisp - SMALL - BASIC - Python - Fourth
Web Languages: HTML - Lua - Javascript - php - SSML - CSS - XML
Tools and Programs: Compiler - Interpreter - JVM - IDE (Netbeans - Eclipse - Visual Basic IDE) - Text Editor (Notepad - Notepad++ - Text Wrangler - Text Edit)
Resources: Rules - Style Guide

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  Before you edit, it is recommended that you look at the Style Guide and the rules list.

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This is a diagram of the Java Virtual Machine

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