Batch' is a command-based programming language mainly used to manage actions on your computer. Batch can also be used to make text-based games and programs.

List of Commands Edit


This command is used to display text. When used as @echo off it turns off the current directory displayed before the command.

CLS Edit

CLS is used to clear the window.


TITLE is used to give the window a name.


COLOR is used to color the window background and text. There are various codes to give the text and background different colors.

DEL Edit

DEL is used to delete a file or folder in your computer. As this command can delete, be very careful when using it.

SET Edit

SET is used to get user input. You can use this command to make new variables too.

GOTO and Labels Edit

GOTO is used to goto the specified label. A label should have a ':' in front of the label name. This is used in many batch programs but usually in games.


IPCONFIG is used to get your computer's IPv4, IPv6, Subnet mask, and default gateway. This is mainly used when making servers.


DELTREE is used to delete whole directories.


PAUSE is used to stop the program from continuing until you press a key.

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